What Can You Expect As A Guest At Missio Church?

We are different from the typical church experience because the church is not simply a place you come to - people are the church.  Even more, the church is not ultimately about us!  The church is primarily about Jesus and his mission in the world.
The church (us) exists for the sake of others!



Time - Sunday Gatherings begin at 10 AM.  They are friendly, casual and simple - lasting about an hour & fifteen minutes. We know your time is valuable.  During school year we have Bible Studies 9 AM each week for all ages.

Dress  - When you visit you will notice most people (including the pastor) dress comfortably and somewhat casually. God does not care what you wear to church and neither do we, so dress comfortably as well.

When You Arive  - You will be greeted by a friendly person as you enter. They can answer any of your questions, direct you to our Missio Kids programs or help you find a seat. We do not ask our guests to say anything, stand up or give any money. We are just happy to have you with us.  

Children - We offer kids programs during our Sunday gathering: Missio Kids Majors (2nd-5th Grade), Missio Kids Minors (PreK-1st) & Missio Kids Babies (Birth-2 years old).  Children are always welcome to sit with parents in the auditorium if you prefer.  Once a month, all kids remain with their parents so they can paritcipate with us.

Music - Our music and singing is intended to be sincere and joyful; with a variety of instruments, styles and songs, that primarily focus on who God is, who Jesus is, and what Jesus has done for us. Our msuic is not intended to be flashy or a performance.  Some songs you may know, some may be new. We invite you to participate as you feel comfortable or just listen - songs teach us more than we realize.

Teaching - The Bible is God's word - it is profitable & relevant for us and our lives. We typically teach through books of the Bible in such way that every person, even if they are reading the Bible for the first time, will be able to understand and learn something about God, Jesus and the Gospel. If you don't bring a Bible - don't worry, the words are displayed on a screen & there are Bibles in the seats you can use. If you don't have a bible - feel free to take one from a seat - it is our gift to you!

The Lord's Supper - At Missio Church, we celebrate the Lord's Supper (communion) each week.  We do this as a regular reminder of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us, our shared fellowship with another and our future hope of eating again in the New Heavens and New Earth with Jesus.  The Lord's supper is a celebration for those who are followers of Jesus.  If you are new to Christianity, we invite you just to sit, watch and listen to what it is all about - and if you have questions ask - we are happy to tell you more about Jesus and the gospel!

No Pressure! At Missio, we love people because God loves people; every man, woman and child. We are not perfect people; and we do not ask you to be perfect either. So grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water from one of our friendly greeters, sit where ever you would like and make yourself at your home.

We look forward to meeting you!

Missio Church

70 Smith Rd
Ridge , NY

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