Our Church Values

God wants more than people to simply come to church. He wants His people to be the church - His vehicle to accomplish His mission. We are lead by values that define us as a church and center our lives on God’s mission.

The Gospel
We embrace, apply & proclaim the gospel as God’s means of salvation for all people through the life, death & resurrection of Jesus
The Truth
We Are Commited God's Word, The Foundation We Build Our Lives, Know God, Worship God & See God’s Plan Of Salvation.
We Are Commited To Discipling Others In Gospel Motivated, Measurable, Spiritual Transformation Outcomes
We Share Life Together, For the Sake of Others, Because We Are A Family
Target Driven Mission
We Seek To Saturate Our God Given Geography With The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our Discipleship Outcomes

In order for us to reach Long Island with the Gospel of Jesus Christ God must transform us for his glory and for the sake of others. We long to see God transform us in spirit generated, measurable outcomes listed below.

Passionately Pursue Intimacy With God As Your Greatest Priority
Steward All Your Life (Body, Time, Work, Resources) For God's Glory
Display The Fruit Of The Spirit, Evidence Of Gospel Transformation In You
Engage Your Spiritual Gifts For The Benefit Of Others & The Glory Of God
Share God's Story Of Grace In You With Others In Your Sphere of Influence
Our Church Logo

...is a reminder of our calling to God's mission.  The mountainesque  “M” reminds us Jesus, on a mountain in Galilee, called his disciples to His mission.  Long Island is the particular area in New York God has called us to bring the gospel - giving those we encounter repeated opportunities to see, hear & respond to the gospel.   The circle reminds us of the spheres of influence God has already sovereign put us (as individuals & as a church - our “circle of accountability” - that we might saturate these ares with the gospel.  

In your going, where ever you go, make disciples.