Reckless Worship - Good and Gracious King

Good and Gracious King is a song written by a group you probably have never heard of. CityALight is the music and song writing ministry out of St. Paul’s Castle Hills Church located just outside of Sydney in Australia. Their songs have are creative, singable and full of rich teaching from God’s word. I was introduced to them a couple of months ago and they have dominated my playlist in the car. Good and Gracious King is one of several that I absolutely love - because it both focusses on the personal benefit of the gospel for a sinner and the praise to the one who saves.

The first verses begins with an echo of Isaiah 6 - I approach throne of glory - reminding the singer how we come (needy) and what we receive (acceptance) simply because of the graciousness of God. The second part reminds us of the glorious exchange we receive because of the cross - our burdens are taken upon Jesus and He gives us his strength. The chorus breaks forth in praise…God you deserve the glory, you need nothing, I have nothing, but you accept me. This refrain helps to redirect the attention off of us and back to the one who saves us - everything in this world, including salvation is all about one thing - God’s glory and he deserves all of it.

The next verse again reminds us of the change because of the work of christ - we were orphans, we are now children; we were enemies, but we are now friends. This reality again invokes the praise of the chorus - God deserves the glory. The bridge again echoes back to Isaiah 6 - Holy, Holy, Holy and interpreting for us what happens when Isaiah’s lips are touched - God is good and gracious.

There are many sings that are too focussed on us - but some will criticize deeper theological songs or hymns for not focussing enough on how we feel or what the gospel has done for us. This song bridges both - it is full of rich theological content and a consistent refrain of praise that is motivated by the character, life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

There are many new songs (and old songs for that matter) that should be left out of the repertoire of music leaders in churches, but this (and many other CityALight songs) is not one of them. This is a great song that I hope our church will be adding to our list soon. If you have not listened to other CityALight songs like "Yet Not I But Christ Through Me or I Want To Know You I would highly recommend them to you - new, fresh, biblical - worship…