The Old Testament, The Gospel and Heresy

Most heretics and false teachers never step into false doctrine intentionally with a desire to destroy the church. In most cases, these misguided theologians and pastors are often trying to protect the church - ironically from scripture itself. They are often concerned about possible misunderstandings and abuse of God’s word. Their efforts are admirable in a sense - even if their efforts are dangerously wrong.

The heretic word is thrown around way too often today - if someone disagrees with your view of Ecclesiology or Eschatology - the H word is thrown around faster than you can say John Calvin.

Sometimes the description of heretic or heresy can be appropriate. Sometimes some pastors are dangerously close to falling into false teaching. It is a slippery slope - and someone can slip quickly.

Al Mohler draws attention in the article below to a dangerous trend by some in the church - unhitching the Old Testament from our Gospel Ministry. His words are poignant and relevant to the situation of the day - it is worth a read…not to attach the labels of heretic to others but to make sure you don’t fall into the same heresy that has destroyed so many others through out the years.

Read the Al Mohler Article Here.