Wise Leaps of Faith

Do you ever wonder if you are making the right decisions, being in the center of "god's will" with your life?  That is a question particularly young followers of Christ wrestle with a lot - searching, striving, longing for this ideal of not making the wrong decisions.  At times, we can over think, over analyze, & waffle back and forth between one or more choices - which one is best, which one is good, or which one is the ideal.  What job should I take, who should I marry, where should I live - the questions in some ways are endless.  They can make us sick - they can cripple us - they can make us more dependent on our wisdom and strength rather than dependent on Jesus.  Making wise decisions is important - we should pray about matters, ask for godly counsel from others who know & love us, read God's word, or maybe even fast for a period of time.  But what happens when they are legitimately two or more good options - what if there is no clear cut obvious negative or sinful choice.  Then what do we do !

We can ask a couple additional questions - 1) are the options in front of me going to bring glory to God, bless others or only bring fulfillment to me?  Buying a $70,000 car vs. a $20,000 car - will I be able to serve and bless others or will I be too strapped or do I want it so people will think highly of me.  There is nothing intrinsically wrong with either option - both can be right, good & honoring to God.  2) can the options in front of me give me opportunities to bless others with the gospel  - buying a house in the country with 10 acres of land vs. living in a development with 20 neighbors within 1 mile - living in the country is no more spiritual or less sinful than living in an apartment in the city.  3) does the bible forbid what I am preparing to do:  getting married when I am 20 vs. living with someone who is not my spouse when I am 20.  Sometimes both options are not good, right or holy.  4) Will this help me grow in my walk and dependence on Jesus.  A new job in a new city with more money vs. struggling to get by on a small salary right where I am.  

You may get through all those questions & say I can still go either way... both options are legitimate and God honoring.  After you have checked your surroundings, weighed the options, prayed, sought counsel - it is time to take a leap of faith. it is time to make a decision for the glory of God. Will you find that it was not the best decision - perhaps - then you change directions.  you don't need to live with regret or guilt.  You can change your mind with joy saying I know more NOW than I did then.   

At the end of the day - all our decisions are opportunities to display God's glory and reign in our lives.  If we are pursuing godliness, God's mission, pursuing obedience - there are any number of legitimate options that are right and good and pure and true.  And at the end of your decision process you trust The wisdom God has given you.  

So get on the rock, check your surroundings and Jump in...

<for more insight into decision making for the glory of God check out Kevin DeYoung's book - Do Something - a great resource>