Salvation is completely of God’s planned, resurrecting, outrageous, overcoming and forever grace through the redemptive life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the place of sinners; not because of human works, and involves the redemption of the whole man for the glory of God. The Gospel is offered freely to all but no salvation is apart from personal faith and repentance in Jesus for the forgiveness of sin. Salvation includes:

a.) Regeneration - a supernatural and instantaneous work of the Holy Spirit giving spiritual life to a sinner who repents and responds in faith to the good news of the gospel for salvation.

b.) Justification - act of God declaring, instantaneously and positionally, all who by faith in Jesus repent of sins and confess Him as Lord as righteous, holy and saints; apart from any human work but by the imputation of our sins to Christ and imputation of Christ’s righteousness to us.

c.) Sanctification - Evidence of genuine regeneration and the work of the Holy Spirit transforming a believer through the word of God to a life of increasing holiness and fruit of repentance in conformity to God’s will, becoming more like Jesus. This process is an ongoing, daily struggle and claims of eradicating all sin in this life is not possible and is unscriptural.

d.) Glorification - Secure climax of sanctification and culmination of salvation when Jesus returns for his people who are being kept by God’s power and sealed by the Holy Spirit.

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