The Gospel

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tells a story of God who is on a mission, reconciling the world to Himself.  All of history is moving toward God's plan to redeem humanity through the work of Jesus Christ - The gospel - Good-news!  We summarize this story with four terms:  Creation, Fall, Rescue and Restoration.

In CREATION, God created all things perfect and good because He is perfect and good.  In FALL, we learn how Adam and Eve rebelled against God through disobedience (sin) and this brought a curse upon all of creation that distorted it from its original design and left humanity with a need.  The ultimate consequence for this rebellion is death - eternal separation from a loving God.  We are left to wonder, “can anything be done about this; is there any hope?”  But a RESCUE was promised, foretold, and revealed in partial ways throughout the Old Testament scriptures - that God would one day rescue mankind from the presence, power, and consequences of sin through a Savior.  And this plan was fully realized and perfected in the person and work of Jesus (His life, death and resurrection).  In RESTORATION, for all who put their faith in Jesus alone for rescue from sin, God has promised to make all things new - just like it was in creation - with no more pain, suffering, sickness, sin or death.   This is the good news of Jesus - this is the Gospel - this God’s story of Redemption. 

We believe that for all those who embrace this good news, Jesus and the Gospel transforms all of life and we will develop the desire to discover it for ourselves and reveal it to others.  We believe God's heart is infinitely loving and His desire is to offer His gift-of-life in His Son to everyone.   If you would like to know more about God’s story of redemption, contact one of the leaders of Missio Church and/or watch the brief film above.  Once you have watched it, share it with someone else.