Connect Groups (our version of small groups) are a diverse (different life experiences and ages) gathering of 8 or more people, primarily from the same geographic area meeting in homes around our community (or Circle of Accountability). These groups provide an opportunity to grow in relationship with other Christ followers, to reflect on the Bible, for prayer support and encouragement, for practical love and service to one another, and to take missional responsibility for the community around us. In short, they are small Christian Communities where discipleship, fellowship, ministry and evangelism are modeled and carried out.

Connect Groups are the heart beat of Missio Church - because we can not be truly who God wants us to be in isolation from others. . We do not want to just be a church that HAS small groups, but instead to be a church OF small groups. The gospel compels and motivates us to develop real, transparent relationships with other Christ followers.

It is our desire that our Circle of Accountability will be saturated with Connect Groups that meet all over the Island.  Our groups typically meet every other week,  in the comfort of a living room.  No one is ever called on or asked to speak or pray unless - contribute as you feel comfortable.  Each group lasts about 75-90 minutes but no one chases you out the door when it concludes.  Below is a map of where we currently have groups meeting:  the red dot is the location of Missio Church on Smith Rd in Ridge & the purple dots are the general  locations of our connect groups (Medford, Yaphank, Middle Island, Ridge, Mastic/Shirley).